!st College Season

Our season ends tomorow, and I just wanted to hear what you guys thought about my stats for my College Freshman season.
W/L— 2-0
Saves— 1
ERA— 2.85
E.R.— 7
K’s — 28
Hits— 22
Walks— 14
Doubles— 2
Triples— 1
Homeruns— 0

Now, I know the walks are high, and thats a work in progress, and so are the hits, but those are mostly “bingles” and bloopers (i hate those).

Think its an ok first season?

the innings pitched is 23. My bad. Forgot that one.

not bad.

Very nice…The centennial conference is rough these days.

Only team that got to me was Johns Hopkins (I hate them!)

nice ERA, 22 hits in 23 innings suggests your good at getting out of jams