hey guys whats up. I like doing squats but i have a question on how i can add more weight. Right now i do dumbell squats with 50lbs in each hand and then 50lbs in a back pack. I don’t like using the backpack because it hurts my back sometimes. I was hoping that i could use the whole bar. But its impossible for me to even put 100lbs on a bar and hold it up because it hurts my neck/ trapezoids. I don’t have anyone to help me put it over my head either. Still i need at least 160-180lbs to even get a workout because my legs are really strong.

Is their a more effective exercise other than the squat or could someone else help me out with this problem


Stay away from squats unless you are using a cambered bar. A better choice would be deadlifts.


Here is another gem from Cressey.


thanks dude. Ya before i was doing calf raises, deadlifts, walking lunges, and then i would try to do squats. But ya i am not going to do them anymore. Thanks again. Also dude i thought that deadlift targets your lower back. Does it also target the same muscles that the squat does. and does it also have the same effectivity as squats.

Deadlifts work just about everything although they do hit the hanstrings and glutes more than the quads.