Squats and sore knees

I haven’t had any injury problems besides a sore arm here and there, but now when ever I try to do squats my knees hurt pretty badly.

I ran cross country in the fall and am doing indoor track right now. My knees were hurting before all this. I am a small guy (16 yrs old 5’8" 135 lbs) and I was trying to max out on squats (only like 230lbs or so) and they started hurting. Now even if I just do 50 lbs they hurt.

The dont hurt when Im stretching, running or even doing most other lifts.

I stoped doing squats, but I dont know if I should ease back into doing them or not.

How’s your form when performing squats? What do you do prior to performing the exercise-warm up routine?

I’m not sure what else it could be-you could experiment with Glucosamine/chondroitin and see if that helps. It should be pretty easy to find in the stores near you, but I’ll wait for KC to chime in.

There is no way to be sure over the internet. I’d go talk with your schools trainer first and explain the problem. They should be able to point you toward a specialist if need be.

It just sounds very odd to me. The fact that the knee only hurts while doing squats and nothing else is something that I havent heard before. There may be some minor cartilidge damage and there may not be. That would be my guess right now. Until you figure it out, DO NOT try to squat through pain. If it hurts, stop right away.

Yeah, definately be careful, and don’t try and work through pain.

One thought:

How is your flexibility. Some guys on basketball have some bad knee pain just because of muscle tightness/lack of flexibility.

Basically where the muscles connect to the knee they are all pulling extremely hard, and create added stress.

I do agree with KC, I haven’t heard of just the squat movement ever causing pain, while other things have no problem.

Go check with a trainer.

Thanks for the advice. I think it is probablly my lack of flexibility. I cant touch my toes but I working at it–i can touch my toes with one hand now.

If your school has a trainer, it definately wouldn’t hurt if you stopped in and see what they think about the situation.