Squats and Lunges

I’ve been looking to build my lower body strength, so I’ve been doing more squats and lunges. However, the next day or two afterwards, I find that my legs get sore, and I am unable to perform at 100% come gametime. I’ve tried running and stretching, but whenever I run it just seems to make them tighten up even more. Is there anything you would suggest that I’d do? I’ve been taking a break from them for now, but how would I recover quickly from that type of soreness so that I’m ready for a game. I am a freshman in high school if that helps…

don’t perform any weight training atleast two days befoe you pitch. that’s what mt coach tells me

Has this been happening for awhile and after each time you perform the squats and lunges?

I believe soreness can also be the result of deficiencies in minerals such as magnesium and phosphorus. How is your diet?

This has happened for about a month now, but I haven’t been doing lunges and squats on a regular basis. I would do them the day after I pitch, and then they’d get sore. So, I’d wait it out until the soreness went away. If I didn’t have a pitching performance coming up in the next couple days, I would do them again. Could it be because my body is not used to it, and that I should do them even when I am sore to work through it?

My diet is decent. I never really focused on whether or not I am getting enough nutrients but I will start to record all of this for the future and hopefully by making sure I get the right nutrients it will produce results

of course you’re gonna get sore from lunges and squats especially if you’re not doing them on a very regular basis. In season you really can’t do much except try to squeeze a short lift in the night of or day after a start if you have a few days to recover in between. If not, I would wait until the season is over to go hard.

And, make sure you’re on a real lifting program. See Ericcressey.com

don’t just go in and do some squats and lunges, or you’ll likely create some muscular imbalances.

the best thing to do is keep it really really light during baseball season… so if you finding it difficult to walk after you have worked out you probably are using to heavy of weights…

Keep it light and fast that way you do not slow down your muscles for game time!! Even in the off-season a baseball player should always try and do exercises QUICK so that their body does not slow down…

What you should do to not feel so sore is do lunges and squats with No weights at all “1 day before a game”… And then the day of the game do “a lot of sprints” to loosen those legs up for game time!!