Squat... Leg Press... or Both

I was wondering which exercise is better for you? I have herd that squats are the better exercise of the two, but can cause soreness in unwanted places (ankles, knees). I have also heard that the leg press is not as beneficial but doesn’t give you extra soreness. I just wanted to know if this is true and which is better for you… or are both good and should be included. Other exercises I do are step-ups, lunges, and one legged exercises. Thanks!!

Squats are better.


Squats, because they’re a “ground based” exercise: You’re standing up. You pitch standing upl, so your workouts should be ground-based when possible. An even better leg workout (one that’s pitching specific) is walking lunges with dumbbells in two hands. Works, in essence, relatively the same muscle groups – and adds an element of more dynamic balance, which is good.

Yeah, my coach told me to do walking lunges with dumbells to my side and above my head for more balance, shoulders, and core. That is a great exercise!

squats, done correctly :smiley:

Squats if you do them right. I usally do squats and deadlift on the same day do any of you guys deadlift.

I’d suggest both at different times or with a resting time between. Squating first of course and then leg presses. Experience tells me that that’s the best order. I finished leg presses and felt as if my legs were going to give out at first. Then, I walked over and began to squat the weight I was used to but my legs soon gave out due to the stress from leg presses. I lost all feeling in my legs and back and fell forwards to have the barbell fall on the supports and was able to walk away.

Another good exercise although this may be off subject is power cleaning. It works wonders. Leonhart thats probally what im gonna do
i’ll bench and deadlift on mondays, cleans with others back muscles on wedsdays, and then squat and walking lunges on fridays. On tuesday and thursday I due cardio.

There really isn’t a reason to do both in the same workout. They work the same muscles (well, the squat technically works more stabilizers), and you don’t need to do more than 90-120 seconds of tension on the muscle. Anything more than that is overkill.

[quote=“chandler2109”]Another good exercise although this may be off subject is power cleaning. Leonhart thats probally what I think thats what im gonna do
i’ll bench and deadlift on mondays, cleans with other back muscles on wedsdays, and then squat on friday. On tuesday and thursdayI due cardio.[/quote]
That’s basically a bodybuilder’s split, Chandler. Not good for an athlete. It’s been discussed before, but you want to hit a muscle every 48 hours. If you only do your back one day a week, the legs another, etc. then you are missing out on 2 extra workout sessions a week (ie. you could work the back 3 times instead of just once).

Three full body days a week, or 2 upper/2 lower a week.

I was thinking of lifting my back 2 or 3 days a week but the body needs at a minimum of 48 hours to reconstruct the body tissue although doctors recommend 72. Plus I can’t lift on weekends because I lift at my school. Any recomendations on what other workouts I could do?

Mon Wed Fri - Fullbody, or
Mon Thurs - Upper Tues Fri - Lower

Ill give it a shot

[quote=“kc86”]Mon Wed Fri - Fullbody, or
Mon Thurs - Upper Tues Fri - Lower[/quote]
I do the second one and i think it works pretty good.

Walking lunges are a great excercise, theyy kill my legs for days!

leg press for a beginner, do squats once someone has properly taught you how to do them. If you do them wrong they could be more harmful then beneficial. On my leg day my regular exercises are squat, stiff legged deads and or BB good mornings. Those work best for me. Some times I will still do leg press instead of squats.

No matter what body part it is, you should try to use as many free weights as possible. Relying on machines can cause problems later because it doesn’t strengthen joints, just the muscles. That’s one of the reasons steroid users tend to have a lot of joint problems, because the steroids only target the muscles. Obviously using a machine here and there isn’t going to kill you but you should try to stay away from machines as much as possible.