Squat depth for pitchers in the bigs?

Been researching into squat depth for athletes, and was wondering if anyone had information on how low MLB pitchers go in the off season for there squats? Was watching Verlander and some others, and it seems about thighs parallel to the floor. I’ve been squatting to different depths but wanna stay at one constant to maximize those reps. Thanks for the help.

I have seen video of Verlander doing them and they were not even to parallel…pretty bad squats in my estimation.
I know Boddy wants deep squats. I don’t know about Cressey and some of the others. At least parallel is what I would suggest. First thing I would do would do a squat, going deep with light weight or even just the bar. If your heel is coming off the floor early (which is very common) ankle mobility should be addressed before trying to go deep with squats. I think everyone is going to have different limitations with squats. Getting good from and technique before throwing a ton of weight on there is key.
When I was helping to coach some high school kids I would watch these kids throw 300 + lbs on the bar, shuffle back and get a 4" bend…when I told them what they were doing was silly and not a squat I was labeled a “hater”, haha. Just my opinion I would want deep squats, parallel or lower even if this means doing lighter weight. Range of motion in this exercise.

totally agree fearsome, I know fitness is all about form so I always squat as accurate and low as possible. Just wondering for pitchers or athletes if it’s better to go to a certain point to maximize the weight since it is indeed easier.

Parallel is important because you want to build strength throughout a full ROM. Lighten the weight to focus on form, if needed. I never maxed single rep on squats, but got up to 2 sets of 8 reps at 405 lbs and stayed at that weight/reps in pro ball.

thanks Steven perfectly answered!