Im a 16 year old pitcher. Currently my workout routine is yoga class once a week plyometrics with med ball once a week,boxing twice a week and kettlebell drills 2-3 times a week. I stopped “conventional” weight training about a year ago and this style workout has helped me alot, however i was thinking about adding barbell squats and deadlifts to my routine.

Would this improve my velocity? because all the kettlebell drills are a basic variation on a squat and deadlift but i think its more for muscle endurance and explosiveness rite?..would adding a squat and deadlift take care of the strength aspect? and would this even help? please let me know

In terms of force development, yes I think barbell squats and deadlifts will help. It’s a different type of strength than kettlebells because you are moving more weight through a different range of motion. Even with the heaviest bell, the limiting factor will probably be your grip rather than leg strength. Barbell work should add more max strength, which will in turn help with your explosiveness, and that will translate into any sport you play.

You have an interesting mix of training - yoga, plyos, boxing, and kettlebells - but it’s all good that you’ve found what works for you. Different movements and exercises in the offseason should help to get rid of imbalances created during the baseball season, plus they give you a chance to mentally unwind and learn new things.

not sure how it has contributed to my velocity, but squatting and deadlifting for just a month and a half has done wonders for my overall strength and power and I’ve gained 5 lbs of muscle in the process. (Following WS4SBIII program + some plyos and medball, thanks KC).

kk thanks guys now i was just wondering about some technique and a plan of attack…high or low reps?? smith machine better or worse than barbell ?? any key things to remember about form to keep these lifts safe?

and yes the maximum strength aspect is what I am looking for because I love my kettlebells for the insane conditioning the quickness and functional strength, nothing is better however pitching = force applied on the baseball,maximum strength = maximum force ummm rite?

no guarantees this will help velocity, as I have no proof that it does…but remember that free weights are always better than machines and just as safe if using proper form.

WS4SBIII has us working up to a max set of 3-5 reps on max lower body days in one of these two exercises.


I recommend Pavel Squats for Pitchers because it is more specific to the pitching delivery. It also trains single leg stability.

yeaaahh man thanks those are great…my goal is to do a set of 10 FULL Pistol squats before next season starts, I just want to hit my legs heavy one day a week this winter…last offseason I trained for explosiveness quickkness and endurance mostly with kettlebells I didnt really have a MAX strength aspect I think with these and a heavy squat n deadlift plus all the rest Ill be much better off no?