Sprinting with weights attached to a harness?

What are your thoughts on this type of training? I’m a pretty fast kid, but I’ve never been clocked in the 40. Anyways, when the weather clears up here, I was wondering what your thoughts were on performing an exercise like this. Basically, I would be wearing a vest, attach a harness to the vest, then drag a sled with weights on top of the sled.

I’d basically be running 30-40 yards each set, and would do about 8-10 sets.

Overall productiveness I do not know.

I do know that our football kids do that same thing (3A state champs!)

I would think that’s the same concept as running with a chute, which I haven’t heard much about either.

I think it would only be negative if it cause you to alter your stride in a habbit forming way. I would definatley recommend doing regular sprints before/after you do with weight.

i’d go with the chute over a sled of weights

I don’t use either method very often but both can be beneficial. You just need to remember what you are training for. The first couple steps are by far the most important and this is what baseball players should be training for. I think the sled might provide a little better resistance at the beginning as opposed to the chute where you need to get some speed up before the chute starts working.

This is just my opinion as I’m trying to think my way through it. I haven’t read or conducted any type of research on the topic.

One negative aspect of both is that you don’t want them pulling your shoulders back. You need to have good forward lean at the beginning of a sprint so be careful with that.