Sprinting programs?

Alright, I’m new, so whats up everyone?

I’m right now working off one of my baseball/football strength coaches workouts tailored to me on monday, tuesday, thursday, friday (4-day split). And yes it includes all the explosive/functional movements (high pulls, neg. RDL w/shrug, and snatches…etc.). What my questions are that what should I be doing on my off days (wednesday, saturday, sundays). He recommended any kind of active rest (playing bball, take a little jog, throw), but not to do any long cardio.

So I wanted to put some form-running/sprinting with 2 minute rests in between reps and some MD ball tossing/MD core work on my off days. Anyone have any programs for sprints or suggestions when I should do them? Also I was doing some plyo’s on my off days, but he wanted me to wait for those for the next phase (month). Thanks fellas.

Alright, since I’m not getting any responses, I’ll just ask:

Does anyone have any kind of sprinting programs that could be completed with a 4-day split? Something with form running and a dynamic warmup. Alright thanks.

Check this article out…