Sprint cell phones

im switching over to sprint and need one of their phones, does anyone have one or any opinoins on a good one to get. especially the phone rant, or any other ones.

Srry man, but it’s Verizon and T-Mobile for me, so I’m not much help.

I’m a verizon guy myself, but I used to be heavily involved in MANY cell phone forums from the administration side of things, and I have come to decide that the best set of phones available are the Blackberries. I personally don’t have one, but if I could pick any phone regardless of the cost, I would go with a BB. Overall high quality phone, and it everything it does it does well. Just my two cents.

Well I have been involved in this industry since it began commercially. I am surprised that they haven’t offered an extremely discounted phone for a service comittment. Crackberry’s are all right, I have one (8820) and a Razor (Platinum), I like Motorola for a quality long lasting piece of equipment but then again my texting needs aren’t nearly as great as most young adults (I’m an engineer that makes AT&T’s wireless network operate). If you can’t get discounts ask about used equipment or check Craigslist.

My iPhone salutes you sir!

Make a call…momma needs new shoes 8)