Spring start

hey guys can any of you give me some good advice about how to start throwing again after my offseason. i´ve been doing weiht training and stretching and want to start throwing again in no later than 1,5 month. what ist the best way withot putting too much pressure on my arm?
i hope you all can help me.
thanks in advance

Here’s a basic idea: Start throwing three times a week – like Mon., Wed., Fri. Then, every two weeks, add an extra day of throwing. After you’ve thrown for one month – you’ll be up to throwing five times a week – mix in one bullpen a week in the place of your throwing. At the end of six weeks, make it two bullpens a week.

Of course, I’m not able to post an entire throwing program here for lack of space, but I have a 90-day and a 60-day throwing program available in my ebook. It’s over at my main Web site.