Spring ball conditioning started last week-concerns

Not sure what to do here. My son has been getting some very good fall ball experience this year with a local travel team that is sponsored by the St. Louis Cards. A couple of very good farm hands are helping with the kids and the experience is great…

but… last week at my son’s school, the high school baseball coach announced to the parents that he was able to get field and training room time from the football coach. He wants all spring baseball kids in a conditioning program immediately-- or else don’t expect to be considered for spring ball.

The conditioning began Wednesday and Thursday. My son has 2 travel games today.

He pitched well last Sunday… took monday off and we did some light target practice and batting practice tuesday. Normally we’d have thrown a good bullpen wednesday and work on fielding and some pepper on thursday… but with the conditioning program going until 7pm after school, we missed those days.

Yesterday my son could hardly walk. He had wanted to do a light throwing session, but was afraid that his soreness would affect his mechanics. So we laid off.

I am worried that this heavy off season school conditioning is going to mess him up if he continues trying to throw on the weekends with his travel team.



It may taker a few days/workout sessions for the body to adjust to the increased work loads, but the body is INCREDIBLY adaptable and I suspect he wont feel as sore following subsequent workouts.

The key is to get a lot of rest and maintain a healthy diet. Keep us posted!

Thanks for the feedback. As it turns out… we’re in week two of this stuff and he is doing much better. Getting alot of sleep too… a plus!

We still haven’t determined when and how much bull pen we can do, but functionally, he is adapting well.

always the best,

Excellent! Very happy to hear… Good luck