Sprained Knee

I sprained my knee (hyperextended) in a playoff game running bases in a rundown. Now summer season started we have lost our first 4 games and were kind of in a funk. One of our better pitchers is not playing summer ball either. So once i am able to come back (the pains not the issue its i can job or run yet its not strong enough) i’m going to be throwing on that mound pretty much the day i come back. I’m afraid i’m going to lose some velocity because i’ve only been working out my arms and not my legs besides rehab. The leg thats hurt is my left one (since i’m a lefty its my back leg i push off the rubber with) i just have a feeling my speed and maybe my control will be off. I’ve been playing catch during out summer games and throwing my pitches on flat ground, i know i could pitch now they just want a doctors note because i cant run bases and stuff yet.

I guess i was just wondering if anyone has any experience with this and if anyone knows what i should expect or what i could do to get ready to be on the mound as soon as i get back.