Sports Illustrated Article on Roy Halladay & What it tak

here is an article on the struggles and perseverence of roy halladay. it gives some brief insight into what it takes to make it at the profesional level.

steven, if you could give us a typical day for you in the off season and in season to provide the typical amateur some insight as to what it takes to make it at the pro level.

Granted, Mr. Halladay is an extreme when it comes to perseverance and hard work, but his story gives the typical amateur a different viewpoint on basebll. I’ve been told multiple times from a coach that worked in pro ball, indepent league, as a scout, and rehab specialtist that this is no longer a game attitude of “hey lets go toss the ball around”. This is no casual leisure activity and once the typical amateur begin to realize this, they can make an educated career choice.

In addition, for every Mr. Halladay there is 1,000 men that don’t make enough $$$ to pay rent. On top of that, they are behind on finding a job suited for their personality. Why? Because they’ve been chasing what some would call an athletic career. Be aware the media - in this case sports ilustrated- is only going to show you stories of men who have succeeded in their professional. Why is that? Because telling stories about the thousands of players that dont make it isn’t good PR, doesn’t market baseball, and doesn’t make any $$$. Why do you think the press loves to talk about guys like Dustin Pedroia?? He epitomizes baseball, the american dream, and markets to people like you and I. (the amateur)

Keep in mind Pedroia had “it” all his life, he was a 4 year starter at baseball powerhouse Arizona State. For him, it was just a matter of 1)transitioning to the professional game and everything it entails and 2) finding a scout who was willing to take a man of his stature. Short stature men such as lincecum and pedroia go against the grain of your typical scout. Why? Because there is a stereotype - like it or not - amongst scouts that baseball players must be a certain body type. I applaud the scouts who went against the stereotype and took a big chance, risking their scouting jobs as the organizations pay these two professionals big bucks $$$ to take these “undersized” men. If these men - or men of a similar stature don’t continue to perform in the future, don’t be surprised if you hear of scouts and/or managment losing their job position.

Keep in mind my friends, that playing pro baseball is nothing like a 16 game NFL season or 82 game NBA schedule. This is 162 games sitting in the hot sun - and if you don’t perform and stay healthy - they will have a man that can filling your spot faster than your eyes can blink. What do you think AAA, AA, High A, A , and rookie ball are for?

Health- you’ll often notice professionals looking down into the ground as their walking. Why? If they step into one little pot whole and twist an ankle their job is in question. Staying healthy is so important to these men - it is a constant every minute of every hour - on your toes lookout of their surroundings. These men can very rarely -if at all- fully relax from their job.

Don’t get me wrong - i’m all for playing baseball for fun, and if you’d like to pursue the professional ranks, then fine. Just know what your getting yourself into.

I know I’m not going to make any friends with this post, but thats not what I’m here for. I’m trying to help the typical amateur nd provide insight into what I’ve been told by some very, very qualified people.


…what it takes to make it at the pro level.

The question - not what it takes to make it (singular), but how long. This “making it” is a 24/7 deal.

So, here’s some questions that you can ask and answer all by yourself. Here they are:

Would you pay good money to watch you play baseball? Come to think of it, would you spend good money to get a ball signed by you? How about season tickets? Do you think you’d measure up to the professionals playing ball now … any level?

Would you be willing to accept decisions being made on your behalf without your concent? Would you mind being an independent contactor among other independent contractors - but, putting on the team face for the camera? How about living out of suit case for most of your adult life, mindful of dinner foods, sleeping in a strange bed, telephoning home for money, finding your motel room ransacked one night, … you know… little things like that. How about paying bills - who’s going to take care of that? Ever see a repro guy in action - it’s not pretty.

Then, if you’re patient, I mean really patient with the skills, you get a shot at another level up. Think you have what it takes to be patient, grinding it out with what seems to be no real reason for you being down where you are? (well to you anyway)

Like most … no, make that everything in life, has its distractions. But, if something lights a fire in your belly bad enough, and you can accept up front the things that’ll test you, then it makes little sense what others think or say. Oh, by the way, those things that’ll test you … their tough, down right gritty, and life altering. No going back, no crybaby stuff.

For those that have … been there, did that, got the T-shirt, you’ll find basically the same answer.

Coach B.