Sports Agents

Some of the players in the draft are represented by agents, the most infamous of course being scott boras but how do they go about finding an agent to represent or advise them and what difference does that make in their draft status of signing bonus?

They’ll usually contact you if you’re a potential draft pick. There were some days right around the draft for me that I’d get three and four phone calls from prospecting agents.

The biggest thing with agents is this: if a guy takes 5% of any of your earnings before you make it to the Majors, you should not sign with him. Only work with an agent who gets 5% of your earnings after you make an appearance in the show.

I could go on and on about agents … what to watch out for, etc. But Boras is actually the type of guy you want on your side…

Actually Steve, I would kinda like to hear about sports agents from an Inside man, if you wouldn’t mind sharing a little with all of us.

OK, I’ll start a brain dump in a new thread shortly…

If I’m not mistaken… in most states, Agents are required to be registered with a board of certification… like any other professional service provider…
et., lawers. CPA’s, broakers, etc.

Also, there is a major difference between independent scouts and agents.
Scouts are FINDERS… Agents are REPRESENTATIVES. Sometimes it’s almost impossible to seperate the two. Can an independent scout be an agent also? … don’t buy into that.

The bottom line here is determining your worth…

the scout is primarily concerned with your playing worth for a club at a point and time and a few years beyond. How will you FIT into the organization’s plan based on who IS in the pipeline before you… and what are the prospects to follow behind you. Now of course a scout doesn’t take all of this on his/her shoulders completely, but he/she does have their marching orders to follow.
the agent on the other hand is tied to YOUR purse strings with super glue. In fact, a good agent keeps track of all the above mentioned of “what’s” out there, and does EVERYTHING in his/her power to SELL you to a club’s particular need … now and in the years to come. Basically, your worth to him/her is to find you the right slot FOR THE MOMENT, and at the right amount ($) for what the market that he/she is plug’g you into.
And THERE is where a good agent makes the dough… playing markets like New York, Boston, LA are great … with other markets (cities) less so.
And then there’s ball in Japan and other markets that the agent works with.

Graze the web and you’ll find some pretty good information on sports agents and scouts. It can be a real eye opener.

Coach B.