Sports Agent or GM?


Other than becoming a big leaguer, my dream job is to essentially be Billy Beane or Scott Boras. I’ve heard that the best way to get a job of any sorts in professional sports is to have played that sport at the highest level and rub elbows with the right people and to have them take a liking to you, take an entry position and work your way up. If anyone could comment or elaborate more on this topic or has had any experience with a job in MLB or any tips or wisdom they would like to share it would be greatly appreciated!



Actually, the best way to become a GM is to go to an Ivy League college, take math and business courses, finish at the top of your class, go to grad school, etc. To be a sports agent, you’ll need a law degree.

The theme here is you must really be an exceptional student in school.


Thanks, I’ve looked up current MLB GM’s and yes they are typically very intelligent people. But, are you also saying that other front office positions are only open to or typically filled with Ivy league brainiacs as well and not guys who have bounced around in an organization for a few years or scouts that worked their way up? And as far as an agent goes, I know about the law degree, that didn’t answer my question, and I didn’t really specify what I was getting at, I meant to be a successful agent would it help to have playing background? It did for Scott Boras.

Can anyone else chime in?


You can certainly be the exception one day :slight_smile: But really, in every sport, it’s the MBAs that are running things. It’s business. There’s too much money.