Sport change

hey fellas so i just quit football to avoid injurys. i joined cross country to help build up stamina. i kno at our school all the football players are alot bigger and stronger than everybody else but was this a smart move.

I like it. Smart move quitting football and I like how you’re trying to build stamina.

this is a good idea becasue on anpother tread where someone was asking how hard everyone was throwing and u answered that u threw about 85 so that pretty good and u are big so u could become a good pitcher

Cross Country could eventually slow down your pitching…
Distance running builds slow twitch muscle fiber. Pitching is all about fast twitch muscle fiber. Are distance runners explosive? No.
If you want to run I suggest you do indoor track if your school has it in the winter and be a sprinter.

I agree that you should do sprinting, but personally, I don’t think cross country is that bad.

Its not the worst thing you could do. I’d rather see a pitcher doing cross-country rather than sitting on the couch for the entire fall season.