i cant find a THING on the splitter on the web that has the smallest ammount of helpful info

so how do u throw a splitter? i know it has slow backspin which reduces the magnus effect or something along those lines but wouldnt it have to be thrown straight overhand? this cant be true cause many pitchers from low 3/4 throw the splitter

explain plz?

Ya sure? cause if you type in “How to throw a splitter” in yahoo there comes up with quite a few decent links.

all in all dont get to technical with this pitch. Just grip it and rip it. Split your fingers and throw.

yea ive looked at all of those before… not much help at all

i was talking about getting right into it… right down to how little it shud spin etc.

Yes, I know that already. thats why i said not to get over technicaly with it. who cares what the spin is as long as it drops off the table?