Just looking for input on the pro’s and con’s of the splitter as far as it being harmful to your arm. IS IT ? I hear yes it is to the elbow and of ccorse there are those who say no its not. My son (Lefty) will be 15 in september, should he stay away from it all together? His hands are very large for his age. At the Keystone State Games tryout last week in Penn State his fastball was clocked at 82 mph, after he threw 80 pitches the day before.We don’t do things like that often but tryouts fell where they fell. He throws a change and knuckle and says he still dose’nt want to mess with the curve.(I guess all the horror stories) Thats ok with me he’s just looking for another pitch to play with and he’s been asking about the splitter. Thanks!

I throw a splitty and i havent been hurt from it yet. Your ment to throw it like a fastball therefore if your mechanics is right, no damage should occur.

The splitter is fine as long as you don’t twist the wrist (as with any pitch). Keep the thumb centered under the “V” formed by the index and middle fingers to reduce the tendency to twist.