I was wondering how you can tell if your hand is big enough to throw a splitter. I pitched last saturday and i didnt do too bad(it was my first start of the year and the team’s first game). 6IP, 4K, 8H, 5ER, and 2BB. I couldnt seem to get my curveball across. So I had to try and strike out the batters with a fastball of changeup. So how can i tell if my hand is big enough to throw a splitter?

I am not sure if there is a scientific length or width your hand needs to be so just try and throw and see if it feels comfortable. I throw it and one of my teammates has smaller hands and he just cant get the feel for it. I am not sure if it is because of the size of his hands or not. My hands aren’t huge by any means. If you can get a good deep grip on the ball and you can see some potential in the pitch then I would say your hands are big enough. Just try it out after you have played a good amount of catch during practice or before a game * if you are not pitching*. See if you can get a feel for it.