Hey, I am a recent starter and I throw a 4 seam and 2 seam fastball and changeup and a knuckle curve. I’m 14 years old and I’m 5’10 and way about 200 pounds (and goin down). My coach wanted a 4th pitch so I decided I was gonna work on a splitter. I throw a pretty nasty one to be honest but I’m having trouble with consistency. It’s not that one is nasty and the other is flat it’s just I have a lot of trouble throwing it to where it doesn’t bounce. Also it is only my second week of using it. Should be worried. I don’t think I should be because it’s “freak nasty” when it’s on but when it’s not it bounce twice before it gets past the plate. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Splitter at the age of 14? I know this is probably not what you want to hear, but I’d really think for something else to throw…

Splitter is a pretty rare pitch in any league for a reason: you need a big hand and long fingers to throw it safely and consistantly. Even most adults have hard time with the pitch.

I had the same problem way back. When it was good, my splitter (which I found out was actually a forkball) was awesome, but when it was bad it did nothing and usually ended up being way outside the strike zone.

But like every pitch, training is the key. Repeat, repeat and repeat. If you’re determined in adding a splitter and you’re only in your second week of development, your current struggles are most likely because you haven’t yet threw enough to find the correct grip and mechanics.
“Adding a new pitch” sounds much more simple than it is. It may take months to even get the proper movement on it, and few more to get accuracy.

So shortly put: don’t worry, it will come along, but keep it wise…if you see you’re not progressing, think for a slider for example as the new pitch to add.

PS: Some video footage or pics would help a lot if you’re looking for specific feedback.

Thanks. Video will come soon. I’ve got a bullpen session Sunday and I’ll probably throw it then. If I don’t its a Freddy Garcia type splitter. Also my coach threw it possible life unroll he blew out his shoulder at Duke.

I’ve got plenty of time since I’m an 8th grader and many kids on my team are 9th graders. My team won’t start playing unroll after May 7th.

Another thing you hit on was my hand size and that’s not much of the issue. I don’t miss a lot left or right with it. I wear Adult XL batting gloves and a 12.00 fielding glove. I also sit with the grip in my hand nearly 24-7. My fingers nearly automatically go into the grip.

And this is my mistake but I’ve only pitched with it for two weeks. I’ve had the grip for months and I’ve messed around with it while throwing with my friends.

Thank you for the advice. If things get less consistent I’ll probably not throw it in game untill it is. Right now I’m throwing it right about 3 of 6 times. I probably won’t use it in game untill it is thrown right 4-5 of 6 times.

You already have four pitches. No offense but I find it unusual that any coach would want a 14 year old to master five pitches. Have you asked your coach why he wants you to throw so many different pitches?

I agree, you are 14 and I wonder what the reason for needing a 5th pitch is. I understand 4 seam and 2 seam pretty much the same pitch. 2 very different pitches in the change and k-curve…you should have plenty with that, if you should work on being more accurace and develop additional velocity. Just my opinion.

Your pitches seem very familiar to a coach from my area, where are you from?

You should focus on improving your fastball and change at your age and possibly starting to learn how to throw a 3 pitch effectively.

I agree with turn22 5 pitches is way too many for a 14 year old. Like I said in another post you can’t teach velocity when your older but a scout or coach can teach you offspeed when you are. Focus on your FB trying to get the most velocity out of your body as possible then start worrying about throwing 3 offspeed pitches.

Look around the majors and honestly see how many MLB guys that have 4 quality effective pitches not many, now look at college and see how many guys have 3 quality effective pitches even less.

Your not going to get far throwing 75-80 with some nasty offspeed pitches.

@Turn 22 my 4 seam/2 seam fastball is my 1 pitch. My 4 seam/2 seam changeup is my 2 pitch. My knuckle-curve is my 3 pitch. Then my splitter would be my 4 pitch. If you count it separate for each grip then its 6 prices but my whole pitching career I’ve thrown the 1st 3 mentioned.

Also its not that my coach demanded a 4th pitch. He showed his soon a 4th pitch and he said it might be a good idea to have one. So I liked how a splitter moved and he said he’d show me so…

@buwhite I’m from ohio

@Wales Diesel wins speak for themself if I beat people by tricking them with strikes and movement then that’s good for me. Would it be nice to throw 75 and up as a 14 year old? Yes. But is it better to win? Yes. Plus there are plenty of successful MLB pitchers with intangibles similar to me. Hiroki Kuroda, Freddy Garcia, Ian Kennedy, Kyle Losch? No burner pitcher there but many 10 win pitchers.

You’re right. Worrying about it after only 2 weeks is kind of silly. Pitchers who have mastered it, generally spend years doing that, and even then have to work on it constantly to maintain it.

I agree with Wales Diesel, you aen’t going to get far working on more pitches, at your age you should be putting your effort into developing better technique to throw with more velocity. If you want to be looked at by the next level you need to be getting outs with fastballs, deception is good but the next level coaches can always teach you another pitch but they shy away from trying to teach power.

What is your goal? Go as far as possible, D1, Pro,?

Those pitchers that you mentioned in your rebuttal to me are all guys who when they were younger were throwing 90+ some even 95+ they learned more pitches to stay effective in the big leagues, they got there and then learned what they needed to do to stay at the level they currently are at.

And what intangibles are you referring to exactly? All those guys were studs on either there HS team or College team and have went on to become All-Stars.

@scorekeeper Ya, it looked pretty good when I threw to hitters today. Thanks for the confidence boost.

@buwhite 70% of my pitches in game are either a 4 seam or 2 seam fastball. 15% are either a 4 seam or 2 seam change. 10% is knuckle curve and then 5% are going to be splitters. I throw my offspeed pitches to keep people off of my fastballs. I mix speeds and location so people don’t kill my fastballs. I’m not going to be a burner type of pitcher yet. I have to build up my stamina. But untill then I’m going to mix in a lot of junk.

@kylejamers my current goal is Freshman Baseball. I would love to eventually get into any College whether it’s NAIA or D1 or NJCAA I don’t care. Personally pros would be extra.

@Wales Diesel I mean no disrespect but Kiroda was an import and I promise you that Kennedy maxes out at like 91

What does being an import have anything to do with what I said? When he was younger he was throwing 93-95.

Kennedy again when he was younger was throwing 93-95 as well check out fangraphs where they chart every pitch back in 07 he was hitting 94 95. They might only throw 90 now but when they were younger they were bringing it.

When they started to learn how to pitch they learned that you don’t have to run the ball up there to blow it by guys and that’s why they sit in the low 90s now rather then throwing max effort. A perfect example of this is Roy Halladay when he came up he was sitting at 98 they sent him back down got an overhaul on his mechanics and came back throwing 92-93 because he learned how to be effective.

So again I ask you what intangibles are you referring to?

Can you post some pics of your change grips too I’m having trouble picturing a 2 seam change.