I ws curious if anyone knew of any potentially damaging effects to the arm by throwing the split-finger. I was playing aroudn with it and found I have an extremely effective splitter, and it could be a great swing and miss pitch for me. However, if it’s potentially damaging it’s not worth throwing it yet.

Oh and if it means anything I’ll be 16 in a couple months and a few months back doctor said my growth plates were small but still there

According to Tom House, the only danger with the splitter is when you let the thumb creep up the side of the ball towards the index finger as this creates a tendancy to supinate (i.e. twist). He says the solution is to keep the thumb centered beneath the “V” formed by the index and middle fingers.

Yeah i’ve heard that it can mess up ur elbow. But one of the pioneers of the pitch learned it because it took stress off the elbow. so that statement is alreayd contradicted. So i see no harm in it.

A splitter is a safe pitch to throw, if thrown properly (e.g. no twisting of the wrist and following Roger’s advice regarding the position of the thumb).

This is why I say pitchers should wait until they are 17 to throw a curveball. As your case exemplifies, the growth plates of the elbow don’t normally close until a pitcher is 16.

This is a myth.

The pitcher you are referring to is Bruce Sutter, and he started throwing the splitter due to elbow problems. He threw the splitter for 10 years in the big leagues.