Splitter with small hands?

Is there splitter grip that will work for someone with small hands? I know the likely answer: no.

splitters can usually be thrown without having huge hands as far as im concerned. forkballs on the other hand need some giant hands.

Here, in a nutshell, is the difference between the two. The forkball is a slower pitch which requires the pitcher to actually grip the ball between the index and middle fingers, which puts a terrific strain on the hand and arm unless you have a King Kong-size paw. The splitter is a faster-moving cousin which might be a little easier on the pitcher, because you spread those two fingers just enough so that they’re off the seams but still on top of the ball. I never threw one, but I’ve seen pitchers with different-sized hands have a good degree of success with it. You throw that one with the same arm motion and the same arm speed as you would the fast ball, by the way. 8)

Does the forkball take a lot out of your arm? I can throw a pretty good one, it just takes a tonne of practice controlling it. I’m asking because I’m contemplating it to become my secondary pitch/tertiary pitch

Unless you have a large enough hand, the forkball can—and probably will—put a terrific amount of strain on it, and this could lead to injury. You would be better off working with the split-finger as your extra pitch. 8)

Did Roger Clemens ever throw a fork ball? I know his splitter was one of his best pitches.

No, he did not. He was one of those out-and-out power pitchers, and for him it was fastball-curve-changeup and occasionally a slider and a splitter. One pitcher who did have a terrific forkball was Jim Brosnan, a very good relief pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds in the 60s, for whom the slider was the strikeout pitch; he picked up a forkball in the middle of the 1961 season and the hitters didn’t like it at all. More recently, Jose Contreras has both the forkball and the splitter in his repertoire, and when he has his control working for him both those pitches are absolute murder on the batters. 8)

the splitter doesnt have such a big strain. just so they are off the seams . but the forkball you wont be able to throw. i have huge hands. im 13 an i can throw a forkball. i throw slow so i go with the splitter. its not in my repitore but im developing it.

ive heard some like to mix it up by spreading their fingers farther apart and changing speeds on the batters.

i agree with the above. or rather confirm it. whatever. you dont have to have large hands to throw a splitty, as is the case with me. i am developing my splitty into a forkball. i walk around with a baseball wedged in between my fingers, pick baseballs up between my fingers when im just messing around. stuff like that. it helps to give them a bit more flexability. ok, rambling over.

its a bit rough on the elbow. or rather the tissue therein.