Splitter Tips

How do you throw it, a splitter I mean. Everything I read pretty much says spit apart your fingers and throw a fastball. I have tried this and all I get is a pitch that spins slow (not as slow as a knuckleball but…) and has no movement at all. Is there a trick to it? Because I don’t think just splitting my fingers apart and throwing a fastball can make the ball break that much. Also it is supposed to look like a fastball so I can’t be doing it right if it looks like a crappy knuckleball.

get on top of the ball so it has a downward spin and breaks down. Dont try to throw it for strikes, or it will get hammered.

I use the splitter as my changeup and got 5 groundball outs with it today in 3 innings.

It breaks because of reduced speed just like a changeup. It has the same backspin as a fastball. It does not have downward spin.

If it looks like a knuckleball, then it’s a forkball. In that case, you might have the fingers split too much.