Splitter Spin

I have been recently trying to throw a splitter and every one has been saying that its really nasty. However… they have all been saying that when I have the screwball it has almost no spin. Almost like a knuckle ball I suppose. Is it supposed to have no spin or have I created some sort of freakish splitter.

sounds like a fork ball
how do you grip it

lots of people dont understand the difference between a splitter and a forkball, the splitter you just throw a fastball with your fingers spread over the 2 seams while the forkball you wedge your fingers deep and throw it, most people saying they throw splitter really throw forkballs. it usually dont spin or dont spin a lot and yeah it might act like a screwball or knuckleball of some sort. check jose contreras he has the best forkball when hes on.

My throwing partner does this, we call it a splitter even though it really is a forkball like 4pie said. Just keep throwing it if it’s nasty.

Oooooo ok I gotcha. I guess I throw a forkball then lol. Whats the real difernce between the splitter and the 2-seamer? just different wrist action or?

EDIT: Actually looking at the forkball and the splitter in the articles section they both seem to have the same grip to me.

Yes and no. The best way to describe those two pitches is this: the split-finger fast ball is a faster variation of the forkball, and the grip is somewhat different. For the forkball you grip the ball so that the index and middle fingers are spread so wide apart that you could hold the ball between them, with no additional support…assuming you have a large enough hand to be able to do that. For the splitter you grip the ball so that the index and middle fingers are on opposite sides of the seams but not to the extreme that you have to do for the forkball. But you do have to throw both pitches the same way—as you would do for a fast ball. If you have ever seen Jose Contreras throw both these pitches, he’s got the nastiest ones imaginable. 8)

Ok I throw a forkball then. I dont really have perticularlly big hands but I have long fingers so I dig it in alot. Thanks for the info guys.

a splitter is a variation of a fastball. hence split fingered fastball
a forkball is a offspeed pitch
you would classify a spiltter with sinkers and cutters
a fork ball would be with curves or others
a fork ball doesnt have a big change in speed
with a splitter you see fastball the it breaks just like cutters, changes and sinkers
a forkball is more of a curve to me

Ye I get where you are going.

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