Splitter problems

when it htrow my splitter it keeps fading to the left(GS side)
its breaking almost like a slurve or curve
i think it comes from me gripping it too hard with my middle finger because i pronate after it

how can i fix

By not gripping it too hard with your middle finger?

Whether you are aware of it or not, you pronate after the release of all your pitches (if you actually do ever pitch real baseballs).

Splitter grip should have the ‘V’ that is made by your index and middle fingers bisected by your thumb, and should be released with palm forward, toward the target, just like any other fastball. It is a fastball preset and release all the way.

Immediately after release of the ball, your forearm, wrist, and hand will go into pronation–on every type of pitch that you make.

It is really a shame that some people, who should (and probably do) know better, have tried to make a cottage industry out of “selling” pronation. Pronation is only mysterious because it happens so quickly in the pitching delivery that you cannot easily perceive it with the unaided eye and most pitchers are unaware that they do it, unless they look at quality slo-mo video of themselves.

i’ll stop for about two or three then go back to gripping it too hard with the middle

this happens with my fastball too

If the pronation makes it hard to throw, why not pronate it?

Try to not pronate it.

not gonna risk the injury

i can feel it release off my index

does anyone have any grips

Do you throw from a 3/4 arm slot?

If you do, you’re just not getting the amazing late break you think you will because you’re using a grip you think some major leaguer does. You’re probably just throwing straight and you think it’s tailing. Splitters need to have serious gas to break. Throwing it 65 wont break it.

[quote]Do you throw from a 3/4 arm slot?


i know no major league grips
i just put my fingers outside of the two seam seams

its not tailing
its breaking to my left and im right handed
today i went out and threw one that broke completely across like a slider

when i throw it slow it doesnt do it but its slow

its not 5mph slower than my fastball
i dont know my actual velocity that just a guess