Splitter Problem

Been having a control issue with the splitter. Nearly every time i throw it, it bounces ON the front edge of homeplate.
Never had this problem before, and its annoying as hell.
I have solid movement, good velocity (77-80 on the split, with a 87-89mph Fastball) and never had the control problems before.
Can you guys think of anything I could e doing wrong? I’ve been racking my brains, and cant come up with it.

aim higher

Relax the index and middle fingers. Instead, use the thumb to lock the ball in place and apply pressure right before release.

dont hold it to tight

If I understand you correctly you normally can locate it but now things are changing. So general splitter help might not help. You need to figure out what your doing wrong. Have you changed anything recentley that would lead to a change in your splitter?

The only thing that has changed is that i stayed closed a little bit longer than previously. Nothing else…that i know of.

maybe u could shorten ur stride slightly when throwing the splitter, works with the curveball so why not?, but splitters arent really supposed to be thrown for strikes so much hitting the plate is a little low but its meant to make them go out of the zone for it.