Well, tonight i had sort of a bullpen session with my coach.
it was an optional practice but only me and one other kid showed up, i caught him a bit then i threw. Basically, my mechanics felt great, throwing well and everything, i had 5 pitches left and he wanted me to give it all i got, and i threw a splitfinger(first time ever trying it) and it was going at his face and hit the plate
he ran and up and yelled at me for throwing something other than a fastball, and then wanted to know what it was and wants me to throw it now, i tried it a few other times and he says it goes faster than my fastball still, but it didnt break as much, but i did somehting different the last couple times i’m sure of it, because i wasnt realyl paying attention to what i was doing, i just threw it by shoving my fingers there and not even trying to do anything different.

how exactly do you want to throw one like finger pressure and everything?

also what arm angle usually works best?

Over the top at 12 o’clock works the best for a splitter.

3/4 works fine as well. Roger Clemens uses 3/4 and his split is still nasty as ever.