split finger?

is a split finger dangerous to throw for a 10th grader?

I have no idea, i’m a 10th grader and i’ve heard it’s no worse than a fastball…but i’ve also heard it’s bad for your arm :roll: :roll:

yea same here

casue i wanted to start messing around with one but i dont want to hurt my arm

Listen up youngins,

Many say that the splitter can be very dangerous, for both the fully, and underdeveloped arms.
But others say differently, bcuz they sa there is no proof and no just reasoning for saying it is dangerous.

The reason a splitter can cause issues and injuries in your arm, especially you 10th graders, is that when you split your fingers around the ball, you are stretching and pulling on the ligaments/ tendons in teh forearm and elbow, and even the wrist. And ask yourself something, if the fastball is sooo stressful on the elbow and the tendons and such, why would you want to make it more stressfull on your ligs, tndns, and elbow??

The most common injury seen with the splitter is TENDINITIS, and that just effing blows, i have had it twice in the elbow and shoulder, and you cant do anything rly too helpful to get rid of it, you just have to take time, and most likely have severe repercussions when you come back (loss of velocity, control, stamina, etc)

Some of the other injuries often seen, but not as often as tendinitis, are TORN TENDONS and LIGAMENTS in the elbow, forearm, and wrist.

And last but not least, the career ender for many, TOMMY JOHN SURGERY to replace/repair whatever damage u have done to yourself.

I dont know about you, but I think that is some solid evidence to why the splitter is so dangerous.

Tom House says there is nothing inherently dangerous about the splitter if it is thrown correctly. He defines “correctly” as keeping the thumb centered under the “V” formed by the index and middle fingers. He claims that allowing the thumb to creep up the side of the ball towards the index finger creates a tendency to supinate at release and that is the only thing that makes the pitch dangerous.

Even pitchers int eh MLB who throw it correctly have arm problems from throwing it. I am not saying that ALL have problems, but a good number do. It puts too much unneeded stress on the connective tissues from the wrist to forearm to the elbow.