Split Finger Fastball

Hey I was curious to see what y’all thought, but it has always seemed to me, when i’m watching on tv, that the split finger fb is thrown with backspin but that the grip reduced the amount of rpm’s on the ball and created more drag which in turn caused the nasty sink that the pitch usually has. And though i don’t throw one that often because i have trouble commanding it, when i do it comes out like that.
However, teamates that I have or have had all seem to throw it and it comes out either almost knuckling or with loose topspin and they can be nasty pitches, but that doesn’t seem like a traditional splitty along the likes of a Roger Clemens or Curt Schilling?
I guess what I’m asking is, do the splittys that the big leaguers throw have backspin or front spin? I just wanna make sure I’m not crazy cuz I’ve had arguments with people about it and I contend that they have backspin.

A true splitter has backspin, or even offset backspin kinda like a 2 seamer. The balls that knuckle or tumble are actually forkballs.

Forkballs are generally held deeper in the hand and they can have some crazy movement. Splitters tend to look more like fastballs, then drop and/or fade at the plate.

Against really advanced hitters (beyond college), forkballs can sometimes be easy to pick up while splits are more deceptive.

Clemens and Schilling throw true splitters–there are not too many guys throwing forkballs any more in the big leagues.

alright thanks…thats what i thought…i guess what most of the guys i play with throw are fork balls…sometimes people use the names splitters and forkballs interchangeably when they are really different pitches