Ah, the spitball, my old friend. When I was younger, I would play catch with my friends or dad, and I would spit on the ball when no one was looking. It would move in a weird way, and it was just fun to mess with. Now I’m older, and I like to use this for my personal enjoyment. I usually use baby oil and put on my hands, smear it on the ball, and all over my glove. I can get some nasty stuff with this thing. What are your experiences with the spitball?

I have wanted to learn this pitch. What grip do you use when throwing the spitball?

Any grip is fine. I usually use fastballs or my knuckleball, and it gets some pretty nasty effects to it. Try it out, you’ll like it.

I don’t necessarily condone this in games, but I did throw one or two in games. I’ve found the the best method is to get it nice and slippery and keep my fingers off of the seams. Then to squeeze it like and ice-cube as you’re releasing it, it turns into basically a fastball speed knuckleball if you do it just right.

@Pustulio Tried it out with the knuckleball, and what can I say? Fastest. Knuckleball. EVER.

Could I even legally use this in a game?

As long as you don’t get caught. Gaylord Perry made a great career out of it.