I’m just asking out of curiousity how many of you have actually thrown a spitball, shineball, scuffball or whatever in a game.

I’ve heard from others that more people do it than you would think, so anyone who’s ever thrown any type of illegal pitch involving altering the baseball or putting something on it.

My friend can throw a spit ball really well.
During every pitch, as he is following through, he spits in his glove. How he was able to do this and still throw strikes is pretty amazing.

Then he would wet his fingers, and when he throws, he justs lets the ball squirt out of his fingers.

I don’t know if that made any sense at all, but it is pretty cool.

Yeah that’s one way of throwing it, I personally do throw these sometimes and there are several ways of doing it.

I don’t know how he got away with it, but Whitey Ford threw a great spitball, and he tells a funny story about how he struck out Willie Mays with it. He had learned the pitch from Ed Lopat, who knew how to throw one although he never used it (he didn’t have to, not with that kitchen sink full of breaking pitches he had). Later on, when Lopat went to the Kansas City Athletics, he taught the entire pitching staff how to throw that wet one—and they got away with it for a considerable time.
Back in the day when the spitter and other such pitches were legal, there was a guy named Russ Ford (no relation to Whitey) who came up with something he called the emery ball. He kept a piece of sandpaper concealed in his glove or in a back pocket, and he made quite a reputation for himself…until his catcher got traded to another team and blew the whistle.
And everybody knew about Lew Burdette, how he threw that spitter—and I’m not at all surprised that a lot of pitchers are surreptitiously using these deliveries. It’s gotten to the point where even some umpires are calling for them to be legalized! :lol:

basically where all throwing scuffballs in our league where they dont change the ball every time it touches the ground. your curveball will break more if you throw a baseball with scuffed seams that catches more through the air so will your fastball.

the spitball is a mystery to me, i tried some with some vaseline and really couldnt get the bll to do anything, i read a bit on it and it just didnt seam to work. but the splitter doesnt seams to work for me too so i dont know if its coming from my delivery or something…

I used to do something every once in a while in high school with my third baseman. He actually taught me to mess with balls with pine tar and when he played third while I pitched he would generally keep some pine tar in his glove. The ball would usually start clean but when we threw the ball around the infield he would mess with the ball as he handed it to me on the mound.

like 4pie little leaguers are basically throwing scuff balls all the time. but once in a while when i came to the mound. by the way this is little league. i would take the ball off the mound. and at the same time be scratching against the surface. i got a sick cutter this way.