Spiral fracture humerus

Hi guys.

I’m about a month gone from surgery of my right humerus it was a spiral fracture making a throw from third to home. I’m just getting into the the physio side of it now. I just wanted to hear of any stories of anyone else with plates and screws in there arms and going back to playing baseball again. I turn 30 this year so I hope there’s still loads to play. Cheers

I also suffered a spiral fracture of right humerus near the elbow end in our final game last summer. There was no warning, it just gave a crack like a rifle shot with 2 outs in bottom of the 5th and that was it. Didn’t know this was a thing, elbow and shoulder had survived the entire season, had no idea I could break my own arm. Guess I was throwing in the 80’s somewhere, decent curveball kept them on their heals. Not bad for an old man.
Was able to avoid surgery since the bones were in reasonable alignment. Did all the bone scans and bloodwork, no underlying conditions. Am 7 months into recovery now, have been lifting light weights to rebuild strength, lots of stretching, and have most normal function back but have not committed to anymore baseball. I’m 63 and still in pretty good shape but can’t take a chance on doing this again, I feel lucky to have gotten so many seasons of baseball during my lifetime. Swinging a bat feels fine, I can throw gently at this point, but feel sure I’ve thrown my last fastball. I think without surgery the recovery takes a bit longer, but the ortho surgeon strongly advised against surgery due to risk of nerve tissue damage. So far, so good - it’s taking a long time.
Good luck to you in your recovery. You have the age advantage, I’m sure you have many more years of baseball ahead. Me…think I’ll focus on golf from here on.