In the article titled, “Long Toss Throwing Program for Baseball Pitchers” by Steven Ellis, he gives the details of a high school pitcher’s long toss program. Step 6 mentions “working on spins.” What is a spin and how do you work on it?


Chuck Pribble

Spins are all your off-speed pitches – curveball, changeup, kball, etc. When you work on your spins, you’re working on your grip and the rotation of the ball as it leaves your fingertips.

A recurring thread/post on the site is; “What happened to my curve ball?”, “lost my (Breaking pitch X)”, this is the tonic that cures these ills. I find that when a guy starts to have trouble with his breaking stuff, he’s losing the fundemental, grip, rotation, mechanic of a pitch…the reason is generally he just throws if a couple of times in the pen before the game and it starts modifying unconciously, to work on the fundementals of a particular breaking ball while doing long toss you keep those fundementals in mind and the pitch remains “fresh” and fundementally effective…just as Steven just said. :smiley: