Spinning out left after foot plant


I agree and recently told Evan that the correction he needs to make is very slight if any do to the fact that his control is pretty good on all of his pitches and he has got outs on every level. I will work on your suggestions. I think it could be good for him.

Thanks Steve we appreciate all of your help.


I think Roger has pointed out the same thing I see in his mechanics. It also appears to me that this kid is a side-arm pitcher trying to throw “over the top”. Looking at his arm angle - his hand and elbow are pretty even with his shoulders at release. In order for him to “get over the top” he has to tilt his head and shoulders to the side - thus causing a pretty unstable posture at release. I’m not saying this is wrong - especially if he’s getting good results, but it is a reason why he would be falling off to the side and something to consider - especially if he is missing consistency.