Spine Tilt

I’ve read anther thread on int the pitching mechanics section of this site which says its beneficial to keep an upright spine rather than a tilted spine during the delivery. Does anyone have pictures they could post to distinguish the difference between the two differences?

Is spine tilt the same thing as shoulder tilt (seen below)?

Maddux does a pretty good job of keeping relatively upright - especially his head. Yes, he does have a slight tilt (both spine and shoulders). I don’t know if you’ll find many who are perfectly upright. As long as you are pretty close, I think that is sufficient. I think Maddux is a good example of one who stays relatively upright.

Some will argue that tilting is a good thing because it lets you raise your release point to throw on a downward plane. But it’s really a trade-off. While there may be some benefit to downward plane, raising the release point it pulls it back which gives batters more time to see and react to the ball and it makes it harder to get over the top of he ball to put curveball spin on it. Tilting can lead to early shoulder rotation and reduced hip and shoulder separation, it directs energy away from the direction you’re trying to throw the ball and it puts more stress on the arm (per an ASMI study). I personally feel the disadvantages of tilting outweigh any advantages.

If you can keep your head upright through ball release, you’re probably in pretty good shape.

ok thanks roger. if you could go to the video part of this site and give me some feedback that would be great. I love your insight!

I see in the video portion of this site my head does not stay up threw ball release. How can I correct this postural ineffiency?

Thanks, Hags. I’ll check out your video when I’ve got more time. It’s late and I’ve got to get some sleep.

how do you create good posture in the delivery? Is keeping the back straight (similar to sitting up straight in a chair) the correct posture?

A good posture is one you can maintain through your delivery without any head movement left or right, up or down, or back (towards 2B). Many times, putting a bend in the waist engages the core muscles which makes it easier to stabilize your posture through knee lift and stride.

I know it’s my kid but it really is a good example of solid posture that is achievable. Everyone hears me, Roger and a couple of others talk alot about front side stability…I believe that and lack of head violence/movement (Without slowing down delivery…a very key point), notice he lets the core/bottom half create the momentum and uses his torso in the flexation ways Nyman used to talk about…first rotational and then forward.

I agree with Roger 1 million percent on this. Great post Roger.