Spiltter Problems

Every time I try to throw a splitter, I get side spin like a slider. It just hangs in the zone and gets hit hard. I have small hands but I can hold the ball between my fingers good without it falling out or discomfort. Has anyone else had this problem,and figured out what there doing wrong? I’m a senior in high school looking for a strikeout pitch. I throw in the mid eighties.

Whats your armslot? Do you pronate or supinate when you naturally throw?

when i started to throw mine i had tons of problems with it, slider like spin, wobbly spin, at one point almost no spin at all

but when you release it i bet you release like a fastball – as in you entend your fingers and flick the wrist

what you want to do is keep those fingers bent thru release which will give it that consistant backwards spin, cause when you extend those fingers if one of the fingers is uneven with the other the ball rolls off that finger and spins towards that side

other than that just keep throwing it, it will come eventually

you might be trying to throw it too hard
or you middle finger i applying too much pressure