What would everyone recommend? Also, molded or metal?

I recommend metal, if you’re allowed to wear them. (Some leagues don’t allow them for younger kids. It’s a safety issue.)

I’ve always liked Nike or Reebok. Mizunos are on the heavy side. Ringor’s are very heavy, too. There’s not much cushioning in Puma. Adidas always felt tight.

Nike comes out with new spikes every year, but you can get great deals on last year’s stuff at discount baseball sites like FogDog.com. Then, polish them up all black and no one will know the difference :slight_smile:

Let us know what you decide.

I like the rubber molded. I find the metal to be unnecessary.

I can see how outfielders might want the metal, but I don’t need them.

I heard metal helps you run faster, and of course I have to play other positions as well as hit. I just wasn’t sure how it would interact with pitching.

I’d defintely go with Nike though.

Thanks for the replies.

I couldn’t find anything in the price range I had hoped :frowning: If i cant find anything, I seen a $60 pair on Eastbay. Red, Nike, Metal :slight_smile:

Our coach got the team a new Reebok deal and we should be getting new turfs/running shoes/and cleats in soon

so I will let everyone know how the reeboks feel

I’m pretty much a Nike fanboy. I also found the same pair for $50 at linedrive.com :slight_smile:

With my experience, Nike or Adidas is fine. Wore Mizuno one year and did not like those. No cushioning.

just got a pair of Shox today, saved $45 a Dick’s

What did you end up paying?

What did you end up paying?[/quote]
$55, we had reward points that took a bunch off and they were on clearance because the New ARod spikes.

Ouch! That’s a screamin’ deal. I just dropped $80 on a pair of the same, and that was with 15% off.

I bought a pair of mid-top Reebok moldeds for playing slow-pitch. They are just fine. Good support and cushioning. Not too heavy.

oh, we had 25% to start with, it’s all timing I guess, lol

Very comfortable thus far


Very comfortable thus far[/quote]

Nolan loves his. Mom hates 'em lol Too much money! Around my house its a constant battle between present and future value (anyone taking Economics 101?)

I’d suggest Pumas, they’ve worked very well for me. And they are molded, I feel that the metal may weigh a little more than an average cleat would not to mention if you lose one of the metal cleats, then they’re difficult to replace in most areas.

I personally like Mizunos the best, yes they do tend to be a little heavier than most brands, but I feel like they are more comfortable. I aslo like spikes but this year Im going molded im trying something new this year.

This Year I got the Mizuno 9 Spike Blast Mid Molded Baseball Cleats for
$59.99 off of baseballexpress.com