im 5’4 120 and im throwing about 68-72 mph i have 2 questions…
1)does anyone know any mechanical drills that i can do??
2)is this an average speed or above etc

and im 13 years old

don’t worry about speed and you’re throwing 120mph

sry i phrased that wrong

my velocity is 68-72 mph. i am 13 years old, 8th grade 5’4" and 120 pounds.

Does anybody know any mechanic drills to boost my velocity any more?
and is this a good speed for my age/size?

again sorry for the screwup

Your speed is more than adequate at your age. I know that most of the posts in this forum have to do with increasing velocity and that will become more important to you the older you get.

At this age though you might want to study the art of pitching also i.e. changing speeds, hitting your location, getting the first pitch strike, mental preparation, etc. You may already do this, if so you’re on the road to a sucessful experience in pitching. Good luck and have fun. A nice easy to read book that’s not too expensive is:

Pitch Like A Pro by the former Atlanta Coach Leo Mazzone. You’ll get some advice on mechanics and delivery in there too.

i got a change that i can throw for strikes, a slider (i dont snap my wrist at all its just natural movement) and a curveball, but i dont think i should throw it; i mostly just fool around with it
thanks for the book ill check it out