Hey im 15 and im 5’ 5" & about 134. I can top of at 65 or 66. Is this normal for my age (freshman) or size??

[/i] That’s really not that bad. It could be faster. When I was 12 I was about 5’ 2’’ 105lbs. and was topping out at 61-62mph. The only pitches I threw at that age was a Knuckle Ball 2SFB,4SFB and a Change-Up. I am now a juinor in highschool and I am about to turn 17 I currently am 5’ 11’’ and I weigh about 161lbs. I generally throw about a 80-85mph 4SFB. I now throw a Knuckle Ball, Knuckle Curve, Slider and a Sinker. If you need any tips or help on pitches let me know. I study baseball alot and I practice year round after school for about 2hrs a day 3days a week. E-mail me at KeenanB13@aol.com