Speed/quickness drills and weightroom

2 days a week we do speed quickness work. such things as 60 yard shuttle, lot of 4 cone, 6 cone drills, ladder work, dot drills, 10-20yd sprints, some lower plyos. we also do some med ball work on these days. these 2 days are also weightroom days. (upper body majority of time). which should we do first - lift or speed/quickness?

This is an interesting topic. In general, you will do the most important thing first. Doing the speed work first will do a couple things for you. First you will have all your energy available for improving speed. It will also make sure you are warmed up for your lifting without taking too much energy from your upper body muscles.

I think you will be ok to do it either way but I prefer to do it this way.

thanks coach. i debate that back and forth every year and just wanted an opinion on that. the only thing i am firm on is that our pitchers do their throwing before either.

I definitely think you are right by having your pitchers throw before both. If your guys are hitting I’d have them do that before also. Any high skill activity should be done first.