Speed of your offspeed stuff?

Hey I was just wondering, for how hard all of you throw, how much slower are your offspeed offerings? I sit at about 78-81 throughout a ballgame, and my offspeed pitches come in as such-

Circle Change- 60-65 with good sink

Curveball- Was around 64-67 back when it was working for me, but I have screwed up my arm action with it and now can’t get it to break because I try and throw it too hard

What about you guys?

80-83 fastball
70-72 change up
73-75 curve

Generally you want your change up 10-15mph slower than your fastball.


change-up 72-75

curveball (when i do throw one) 70

if you dont type it off 5 mph is already enough you wont see big swing and a miss 3 feet before the pitch reaches home plate but you’ll see flyball and ground balls out that would have been hits.

Fastball: 73-76

Knuckleball: 59-63

Change Up (occasionally): 65-67

Curveball (occasionally): 66-68

These are approximations as I haven’t been clocked in months.

I did throw with a radar ball though and it estimated based on rotations per minute averages and it said my knuckleball was going 7 mph from 60’ 6" :shock: