Speed conversion

like many 13 year olds i have just came off little league all-stars and a 46 ft mound. can someone tell me the conversion of a 70 mph fastball at 46 ft to the velocity of the ball from 60 ft?

who evfer knows pleese say how you got it

i would say 70 on a 60ft mound looks like 50 on a little league mound, which i probably what you were seeing in all stars.

…in all-stars i saw 75 from 46 ft…low 90’s from 60 ft. i saw pitching like this in regionals and in the cal ripken world series.

46/70 = 60/x


4200/46x= 91MPH

what about for 65 mph on 46

“what about for 65 mph on 46”= 85.48 mph perceived @60.5

Example #1
1.304 x 65 = 84.48

Example #2