Speed Chains

I would be very interested in opinions from the community regarding the use of speed chains as part of a baseball conditioning program. I’m considering purchasing some chains but would like to get some opinions first.


they’re just another tool in the toolbox. They certainly have their place in a well structured S+C program.

I like what Ron Wolforth is doing with them … but most college and professional baseball programs don’t have the space to use them, so they don’t. There are certainly many other exercises that produce the same benefits that can be found in a more “traditional” weight room setup.

I purchased the speed chains recently and they arrived this week. I’ll check back after a few weeks of use and give you my opinions, etc.

Where’d you get them? What exercises are you doing with them? Where are you training with them (inside? outside?)

I purchased the speed chains from Oates Specialties. There are several models available and I decided to get what they call the TorsoBurner. It is a somewhat expensive product considering it’s just chains, a bar, and an instructional DVD. Part of the cost is due to shipping a rather heavy package of chains. I’ve have been doing the exercises that were on the included DVD but am also planning to search around for others that are more baseball specific. I’m currently using the chains in a 2-car garage (without the vehicles) as a significant amount of space is required.