Speed back

just have a question and i need somebody that knows about pitching. i’m lhp playing in a JUCO in georgia right now. last fall i sat my fastball around 86 89 consistenly. also i workerd hard in my breaking balls ( especially in my changeup) when the fall was over i took a break about 1 month( it was cristmas break and basically i did throw balls besides lift weith and run i lil bit). i came back in january and the season already started and my fastball is not the same. it’s siting around 84-86. but my teammates said that my changeup is nasty. i just want a advice to work my speed back during the season. i’m sophmore now and i’m trying to get tranfer to a good 4 year school next year. thanks.!

I think its going to come back, you just got to let your arm get back in shape. 30 days is a long time to take off when your not throwing at all. I think it is unreasonable to expect your body to come back 100% the first time that you pitch.

I think that if you give your arm a little time to build up strength you should be fine. I think maybe what you can do is play some long toss to try and speed up that muscle re-building.

Hope this helps a little.