Speed and agility work

my coach toold me to take the rest of the summer off unitl fall ball starts… so now i am lifting, working on flexibility, core work, and running (speed and agility along with long distance)… are those things good to work on and am i missing anything?

Sounds good. Are you gonna do plyometrics for agility or what?

yeah im doing plyometrics and i just ordered this power yoga for baseball players dvd so i should be in good shape?

I have that but i think you should buy TUFF CUFF if you want to take your game to the next level ok.

i also have tuffcuff its good but the only thing i didnt like is that it doesnt give me like a day by day list of what to do… but otherwise its great! but i thought if i combined both along with other stuff i picked up from the schools personal trainer that i would jump to the next level