Specific excercises

Here’s what I do

Upper Body- Bench, lots of tris, bi’s, forearms, hand grips, lat pull downs- front & back, and I’ve started to do shoulders because that’s where i tend to get sore after throwing

Lower- Squat, toe raises, leg curls/ext

I run and do light jump rope as well.

I want to improve all aspects of my game- velocity, running speed, hitting power… can anyone give me anymore tips? I really want to make the HS team next year… much thanks

Dont forget to work on lowerback and abs, there the core of your body. For abs, u know what to do lol, and for lower back, do deadlifts. If you dont know what that is, go to bodybuilding.com and search for it. And sprints, maybe like 2 times a week.

Deadlifts and squats should be your bread and butter.

If you are looking for a sport specific routine, check out the thread that khut posted.

If you want specific exercises, I suggest you take a look at my year round strength program on my website. As far as what you are currently doing, You need to do some more legs, but you need to cut out leg extensions and curls. There are many options but leg curls and extensions are close to worthless.

I do lunges in the off-season. Is there anything else?

I do extensions because I was told it would help stabilize the knees or something.

No disrespect intended in questioning, but why are leg curls pointless?

It’s not that they’re wortless, it’s that, as mike has mentioned in other threads in the past; he’ll maybe use them for rehabilitating an injury (mike, sry if I’m wrong about this, but I think you’ve mentioned it before a lonnnng time ago). But most importantly, your routine should be made of more ground based exercises. You’ll never perform a leg curl or do a leg extension during a game.

Although, imo, I see nothing wrong with burning out any extra muscle fibers at the end of work out using leg curls or leg extensions. Just don’t make them the central focus of your routine. It’s amazing how many kids I’ve seen completely ignore squats and deads at the gym.

People ignore deads and squats because they are hard :roll:

Leg curls suck because you are lying on your stomach and lifting something to your butt. That is a useless motion to train because you will never end up doing it. If you want to sculpt the hamstring muscles, that would be different than performance enhancing training (which is how Mike makes his living). I guess you could say that same for leg presses, since the feet have no contact with the ground. You dont have to engage other muscle groups like a squat. Hack squat machines are good if you arent comfortable using heavy free weights. My knees hate that machines but it has a decent ROM.

And deadlifts are fun because it is hard not to look like a badass powerlifter when you do them. Since most people avoid deads in the gym, they are sort of relegated to “the corner” with the olympic weight stuff. Just slide on the 45 plates and go at it.

Leg curls and leg extensions don’t help for enhancing performance for two reasons. One reason is that those muscles never work alone in baseball or any other sport. They work together with each other and your calves, glutes, core, and the rest of your body. It doesn’t make sense to work them by themselves unless you are rehabbing. The other reason is that you really need to do your lifts with your feet on the ground, just like you do in baseball. The first thing you always do is apply force to the ground. If you want a hamstring lift other than squats, lunges, deadlifts, etc., then you can try stiff leg deadlifts.

If you want a good medicine ball workout that can help build up your core and rotation try this program it gets to the point.