Specialty ice packs

Hey guys, i currently just use a big a** ice pack in a simple square pouch with velcro straps, problem is it doesnt hit certain spots on my arm and shoulder like i’d like.
Does anyone know if theres icepacks with pouches that wrap your arm and shoulder perfectly? If so could someone show me the links please, thanks.

I think thiis is what you might be looking for.


For a while there was a ad on perfect game’s website that was for a ice pack specifically designed to enclose your wholw shoulder. I can’t remember the name of the product bit check out PGs site and see if you can find it or even email someone from PG and they can probably give you the link to it.

yes, i was thinking of this one

what do u guys think??

I think the advantage of the one I put up was that it isn’t the inserts, the whole thing is the pack and the application.

that is true but the one i posted i dont believe is inserts either, thank you

check this one out.


That’s the one I was thinking of!

quite a hefty price for what I do with an ice bag and a comression bandage. To each his own.

Yeah it’s amazing what people will pay for nowadays.

I was never one to use anything other then just a couple bags of ice and tape or tensor bands.

Any ice is better than no ice at all. Ice with compression is sooo much better.

A bag of frozen peas and stretch wrap can do the trick. Not fancy but serves the purpose.

An ice compression wrap designed for the injured/sore area is better and more efficient, but it does cost money.

If you do buy a wrap, avoid wraps with gel inserts. The insert is all that needs to be frozen and takes up less freezer room, but it compromises the icing and compression. The gel inserts do not ice as precisely as sewn in gels and the insert is placed in a nylon pouch which doesn’t stretch…ooops there went the compression.

The best wraps have the gels sewn in and the entire wrap is stretchable for compression.

A quality wrap is not cheap, but it is an investment in you as an athlete.

But, if you don’t want to buy a wrap, buy frozen peas and stretch food wrap and use it after every practice and game.