Specialty Bars for benching

Currently, while in college as a pitcher, they have me use a neutral grip dumbbell bench press-which has been going great- due to the stress the straight bar bench puts on my upper half. But I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on the use of specialty bars for benching like a Swiss bar to use for the pitcher. Thanks


If you want to perform using the traditional approach that uses the pectoralis major as primary mover of the Humerus go at the bench press with any type resistance angles.

The problem is how long you will last because this approach has your arm fly out and away from your body from the centripetal imperative produced by Horizontal adduction of the Humerus. A gateway pathomechanic leading to intuitive Forearm supinated pitch types.

Better to engage your Lattisimus Dorsi as primary mover so your Humerus is free to internally rotate to full length, this disengages your Pec. and allows you to Forearm pronate your drives, releases and recovery.

Eliminate the bench press for Pitchers