Specialization; Does it hurt or help?

I just thought this was an interesting topic and I would like to know what people thought about this, I know it is highly debated but I didnt think it would hurt to get everyones opinions on this.

what do you mean by specialization?

He means short term relief, closer, set-up, long innings guy, lefty getter outer, righty getter outer, side-winder…etc.
My take is that if it can get you to the dance…swing with it.
Not everyone is cut out to be a starter, if you take the angle that for what ever reason your abilities aren’t enough to let you do 6+ innings per appearance and you still have plenty-o-game, have at it. It does provide for more opportunity for pitchers (You may not win 300 games or have 300 saves but being there is alot better than not).

Oh i thought he meant pitchers that specialize in a certain style IE Sinker/ground out style k-ball style XD

Well I guess we can go different ways with this, Im sorry for the confusion but I meant specializing in one sport, PERIOD! Like just focusing on baseball at 12 instead of playing baseball, basketball, football.

Is it good or bad?

as a kid, you should play all different sports. builds up your strength, team skills, and social skills. plus it makes you a generally athletic kid. you need to be athletic in general before you can apply and perfect it, I say in highschool you could/should still go 2 sports, especially if you live in a cold winter region and cant play ball year round. so, say unless you are doing a weight program in the winter you can play spring, summer, and maybe fall ball or football in the fall and basketball or weight training in the winter. not only does it keep you in shape to play a sport year round, but colleges will be more likely to pick a kid who can play well at the varsity level in multiple sports.